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30 Day Shred Diet

by Alexandria Foster
30 day shred diet

Remember that famous proverb, you are what you eat? Maybe you simply believed people used this phrase to promote healthy eating but, in reality, you are what you eat.

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Not only that but you must control your diet while losing weight. Therefore a 30 day shred diet is necessary for success in the 30 day shred exercise program. It gives energy, glowing skin and helps in toning muscles after years of fat.

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For example, the amino acids found in the tuna from a tuna sandwich are broken down and used by your body for muscle and cell building. Your physical appearance reflects your diet, and when you eat junk food you will observe that your skin looks worse and you look heavier than you do when you eat healthier foods…

Most people will just scoff at this but it is necessary to do this.Losing weight and keeping in shape is so important to your health and well being so the correct diet is a must.It not only gives you a more well toned body but it can be very satisfying.Let’s face it looking into the mirror isn’t a joy when you are overweight

How good would it be to enjoy seeing your new you? Or not have all those health problems associated with being overweight?

If you’re really interested in slimming down in 30 days, you should look at your diet. When your diet consists of unhealthy foods, working out only won’t be helpful to you to shred that weight. It’s crucial that you have good and hearty food in your diet to shred those pounds. I have tried this  and it worked for me.

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So now we’ll go over what you need to be including in your healthy 30 day shred diet in order for you to get rid of the excess pounds. Obviously, a primary goal is to lower the number of calories you consume so you can slim down, but you don’t want to go overboard and get so hungry that you binge on junk food. You need to slowly alter your eating habits rather than drastically lowering your calories and food choices.

Slowly phase in healthy meals and take out snacks and meals just as slowly. Protein is the number one thing to include in your diet plan. Your body requires protein to repair cells and build muscle, among other things. You can get enough protein in your diet through foods such as meats (chicken, pork, beef), eggs or soya products. Another important food group to add to your diet plan is carbohydrates.

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Nevertheless, you don’t want to binge on or eat too much carbohydrates because the unused energy will become fat. Alternatively, go for more nutritious complex carbs like whole grain bread and brown rice. And keep in mind, you also should add fat in your weight loss diet. Yes, although you’re trying to get rid of the excess weight, your body still needs dietary fats. Pick out healthy fats such as the ones that are in nuts and fish. And remember to consume a lot of fresh fruits and veggies because your body needs the vitamins and minerals.

Be aware of food you must not include in your shredding program. Evidently, you need to cut out as much junk food as you can and you should try eating healthy cuts of meat. Don’t eat simple carbohydrates including white bread and pasta and replace them with whole grain choices. Stay away from alcoholic drinks if you can since it has no positive value when you are trying to lose weight.

You should now know the right foods to consume and the ones you need to avoid. Do research on a few healthy choices to replace your current eating habits. Allow your tummy to slowly get smaller by eating 5 or 6 small meals every day so that consuming huge portions will no longer be a problem for you.

I think that this diet plan in the video above is good, the lady knows what she is about and it has worked for me. Thing is the weight loss is permanent because you have altered your whole eating habit in the end.

Following this advice will get help you stay on your 30 day shred diet and to achieve your goal.

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