Combining the 30 Day Shred With The 3 Week Diet

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3 week dietOn this little review site I will be sharing with you my personal experience of the 30 day shred and presenting to you some of my results. I will also highly recommend that you download The 3 Week Diet program that will go absolutely brilliantly with your desire to tone up and lose weight effectively.

Here’s an excerpt from my complete 30day shred review:

“How can anyone including Jillian Michaels say you can lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days by following her 20 minute a day workout. I instantly said, this is bare baloney or crap. But let me tell you, I was sooooo wrong, this workout is bad. No wonder so many people are using it. I have done some exercise programs in my time and bought some of the most ridiculous equipment out there. Think shake weight, never really got the hang of that one.

The 30 Day Shred Consists of:

* 3 20-minute workouts (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3)
* Short burst of rapid exercising
* Strength training
* Cardio
* Abs
* Cool down” ….read all

Now as you can see above this is exercise but you also need a good diet plan to help you out. Don’t expect to eat all sorta of crap and lose weight.As a matter of fact I learned that when exercising some foods can actually make you fatter.

One thing a lot of people don’t know is that doing the 30day shred alone isn’t going to burn that fat and tone you up immediately! You can’t eat like a whale and just by doing the 30day shred lose that fat. No its not going to happen. You also need a good diet plan…period!

When I stumbled onto this 3 Week Diet while doing some internet research because although the 30day shred was good I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted fast enough. It said” A foolproff, science based diet that’s 100% guaranteed to melt away 12-23 pounds of stubborn body fat in just 21-days”, I decided to give it a try.

I find that combining the 3 Week Diet with Jillians 30day shred program I not only lost weight but lost it quickly. Now you may be thinking why should I need this when I already have Jillian’s plan. I thought so too but if you are like me and was fat all your life, you know that the slow process of losing weight is a motivational killer.

If you are male or female and serious about losing weight and keeping it off, get the 3 week diet at least learn about your metabolism and the foods you eat. In 21 days I saw significant weight loss and I was eating healthier than ever.

I really wanted to lose weight and do it fast without putting my health in any danger because I always thought that losing weight fast was a sin. I had a wedding of an old high school friend to attend and I really couldn’t let my old classmates see me in this shape. I wanted fast result!!

By using this diet along with the the 30day shred this was a winner for me. The weight came off really fast and I was toned to the bone and I felt fine and absolutely loved it.

As a matter of fact the 3 week diet has made me aware of how I should really eat, what I should eat and when I should eat and you know what it has benefitted me tremendously. It really goes well with the 30day shred and I recommend it highly.

My 30 Day Shred/3 Week Diet Conclusion

As I said earlier on this page, check out the 3 Week Diet and find out how to lose that stubborn fat fast because that was what really helped me with my 30 day shred program and yes ! I looked gorgeous at the wedding and fitted into my dress just fine!!!..Click Here To Download 3 Week Diet

Fit for life…..

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